The Universe to me

Yep. They’re different. Very different. And no matter how hard they try, they’ll never be able to see all that you see, do all that you do, or know all that you know.

That’s why you were needed. That’s how much you cared.

The Universe




Do you know the real reason the rich keep getting richer?

No, besides interest income.

No, besides „abundance” actually seeking them out.

No, besides me pulling strings for them.

Right. The thoughts they think. Thoughts anyone can think. Thoughts that make all those other things happen.

The Universe



A thought on the economics of spirit:

Can anyone really shortchange you, physically or emotionally, without placing themselves in your debt?

And don’t you think that all such debts must eventually be repaid in this magical, mystical, and above all else, fair Universe?

Therefore… Can anyone, ever, really shortchange you? Ever?

The Universe



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