The Universe to me & you

In moments of high stress, anxiety, or fluster, instead of hoping, wondering, or worrying, remember your double-secret resources of skipping, twirling, and humming.

Port out, starboard home –
The Universe


Try pretending that all you now believe to be real, is not. And that all you wish to be real, is. If only for a few minutes each day.

Then, try acting like all you wish to be real already is real. With just a word here, a sentence there, or some little demonstration. If only in private.

Before long, you won’t even remember if what you used to believe was real or just a dream.

I’m pretending you already do this stuff whenever you want change,
The Universe


Some angels choose cleverly disguised lives in time and space, just to help folks get past judging by appearances.

No, they’re not much to look at, listen to, or dance with, and most would never guess they’re angels… but that’s the point.

Every soul is beautiful,
The Universe


A little heads up on an addiction that afflicts all really old souls:

Giving love, eventually, becomes an even greater need than receiving love.

The Universe


Live your dreams now, to any degree that you can. With every purchase. Every decision. Every hello and goodbye. Every assignment. Every conversation. Every meal. Every morning, afternoon, and evening. And never, ever, ever look back. Reframe every thought, word, and deed from the perspective of the person you’ve always dreamed you’d be, as if your life was already as you’ve always dreamed it would be. Die to yesterday’s illusions and be reborn to the truth of your vision.

And let’s just see if you can handle the torrent of treasures I send your way.

Your greatest admirer, biggest fan, and truest friend –
The Universe


Here’s a subtle tip, to be kept strictly confidential, on how to beat resistance:

First, pretend once you just break the ice, someone else will be taking over to finish the job for you.

Second, while breaking the ice tell yourself that whatever you do, however it turns out, however much you like or dislike your progress, the entire world will be going bonkers over your phenomenal talent, standing in line to catch a glimpse of you, writing books about your childhood, and asking their social media friends how come you’re so totally cool.

The Universe


Send them love.

Wish them peace.

See them happy.

Everyone, always, forever.

And prepare to be astounded,
The Universe


Imagine standing at the edge of a forest, and that you want to reach the other side.

Would you walk a straight line through it? Or, might the path meander in every possible direction, around boulders, between trees, along a stream, feeding the deer, conversing with the owls, and roasting marshmallows?

Yeah, every possible direction, because this is how things are in a forest.

The Universe


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